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August 19, 2015 by Sam Zaninovich

PARTY PEOPLE! YOUR DREAMS HAVE NOW BEEN FULFILLED! I am very proud to at long last announce that the DREGS ongoing, bi-monthly webcomic is officially launched! For too long have I stood idly by while crappy comics flourish. Big name property-owning conglomerates have driven my beloved comics industry to the ground. I've watched as these owners (not creators) have pimped out my favorite characters like hos until they are unrecognizable and good for merchandising only. Not that I wouldn't merch the shit out of the DREGS if the right thing came along, but NEVER at the expense of the comic itself. So I have taken it upon myself to fill the void by hand and sidetrack comic stores, conventions and fanboys. Each year I work a much more successful comic book artists' booth at comicon and I see what people want there: A thing they've seen before. Maybe a movie, or a tv show or heaven forbid, a comic book. They want Green Arrow the show version, not the comic version that spawned him. Even non-comic things like Game of Thrones and Adventure Time are crowding out legitimate comics; y'know, the ones that tell stories, develop characters, sometimes break hearts and enrich lives. I hear some even have some pretty good artwork, too. I was on vacation and told these two guys, "Shag" and "Scoob," that I write and draw comics. They were a little confused and thought I was a tagger who also drew comics. It dawned on me that people don't realize that you WRITE comics too. Ye Gods. Time to get back to good comics. Time to get into the Dregs. Like a drug dealer, the first issue (10 pgs of which is right here) is FREE and a subscription to a year's worth of the DREGS (six issues) is $20.00, which is a good deal cuz you get a sketch of your favorite character with every year sub! Or you can do 'em one at a time for the timid among you for $3.00 a pop. Yay! So sit back and get ready to a) be there for more than five minutes, b) enjoy the artwork and c) shake your head in awe that you can actually READ it, too!

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