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uh-ohc-001copyfb.jpg​​The greatest comic mag ever produced by human hands! Drinkin'! Weird Crap! Fake Ads! George Orwell! Predator! Conspiracy! Hidden Message Ciphers! Great Artwork! There's even some comics! Check out the online version if the fascistic book and comic stores near you don't yet carry this fantastic bi-monthly new mag for only $2.00! What's that? There's still more space? Oh. Well, uhhhh it's not quite a horror mag, not quite a crime mag, much less sex than a porno mag but more comprehensible than underground comics, more like Taxi Driver violence and less like Walking Dead gore, somewhere in between National Lampoon and Zap Comix, but definitely no superheroes. James Melatini helped write the regular features like our fake ads and Day Drinkin', which is a summary of our weekly exploits at the bar. We still get out to the Stream at least once a month to hang out with contributing writer and Minister of Propaganda scot r. Is there more? Dang...  

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