SAM Z IS SAM Z IS SAM Z IS SAM Z IS SAM Z IS SAM Z IS SAM Z IS: All I think about each day is comics. Characters, and what I'd do with them; artists and writers and their histories and motivations; the big two and what they're doing right and wrong; Manga and how it's taking over; Tonal qualities and how they used to be the province of the artist, now the colorist handles that job. Do comics really need all that color? Is there a place for black and white line art with non-tv writing in the modern comic book market? Let's find out!  

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The Dregs

Four inmates escaped from the worst mental institution in the world. The mad head psychologist drugged, manipulated...

The world's greatest comics magazine! What's that? Oh yeah, they already used that. Ok, well, it's still pretty damn good

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